Fourteen Days - Steven Jenkins

Fourteen days could happen to anybody... Anywhere... life for poor Workaholic Richard Gardener just isn't the same after he takes Two week's mandatory leave. Doctor's orders, No stress. No computers just fourteen days of compete rest. Bliss for most, But total hell for Richard..... in more ways then one.



There's something dark that has steeped in to Richards life and home.... That turns his life upside down, Can he get to the bottom of it and sort it out...???



I loved this story... I found once I picked it up I couldn't put it down, Steven Jenkins has a way he writes its simple straight to the point. I didn't feel at all that I knew what was coming.. and I like that style... This is the kind of book you could see drama students picking up and making in to a You tube horror film... It has that kind of vibe, and I totally mean that in a nice way. It sets the tone to a very very spooky tale. With only a short 100 pages too it makes for a light but very haunting Read.