Almost but not Quite!

Hi all!,


Its been bloody crazy here in my little cove in the last week. Just yesterday my Kobo froze up. Wouldn't shut off or start up and was in contest sleep mode. The only way to get around this, was to do a reset all the time via little button with a badge pin!


I was in tears I literally walked down to my Better half and told him. In utter heartbreak my Kobo was broken. I honesty haven't felt so heartbroken in years It was a horrible gut wrenching feeling! I had over 150 or so paid books on it. Thankgod Though, I backed every single one up on my external drive! We sat down and went over the internet trying to find what the fault was. We tried to reset the time and date I looked all over it to see if there was an update button. But to no avail. So in the end I said enough is enough and did a totally factory reset.. only THEN did I find out what the problem was.. It needed a program update and hadn't updated mine.


I was angry but its working fine now. I haven't got all my book's back on it but its fine because I have them all backed up and can re add them if I need too. But it just the annoyce I don't know if the newer versions of Kobo are now with an auto update or an update button. But they should do!



This also gave me time to think about paperbacks so I went to the library and put a reserve On Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk About Kevin. :p