The Magic Cottage - James Herbert


Ugh I don't know how to start this post... but the Meme above is kinda how I feel right now... James Herbert can write...And I mean he can BLOODY write The fog for instance. One of his classics on the top of my head. And definitely a book for any horror book fan.

I'm angry with this book though...

Why??! well....

Because I found myself reading it and thinking, This is not how it would go down if I wrote this book. Or almost shouting in the middle of the night Bloody tell them to f*&%^£!!! Off! This was my first buddy read on Horror Aficionados group.

Mike and Midge buy there dream cottage... But is it?? "We thought we’d found our haven, a cottage deep in the heart of the forest. Charming, maybe a little run down, but so peaceful. That was the first part of the Magic. Midge’s painting and my music soared to new heights of creativity. That was another part of the Magic. Our love for each other – well, that became the supreme Magic. But the cottage had an alternative side. The Bad Magic."

All in all I found it a delightful read. ((My rage from the chars aside.)) James Herbert True to point doesn't disappoint. But it trigged a rage button in me with the char's I guess it was supposed to do that. Yuppers it was both Midge and Mike. Its a very atmospheric read of county life with woodland and woodland life. qand it will draw you in In might even make you rage a little Like it did me!