The Wicked - James Newman

I grew up with 80's Horror My mother was Huge fan of 80's horror we had Rows and rows and row's of 80s paper backs books half of them I can't recall... But the cover's.......... Oh yes! I couldn't read back then because I was too little. But the cover's fascinated me I always Recall her book shelf as it was right outside my room. And I would pull the books off the shelve and look at the covers, And always always get sooo told off for doing so! I guess things were different back then cause Noway I would have my horror collection outside my little kids bedroom door!


All that aside though, I thank my mum because She got me in to the horror Book's I like today! And this book.. Just ticked all the box’s for me. It was a total load of fun!



A huge Tragedy strikes at the heart of a town. That puts sadness in to all the townships folks. But from that Tragedy something evil is born... and its definitely There to play....


A young Bobby Briggs was caught and sentenced to the nut house, shouting gibberish about someone called Moloch, Moloch is a demon, he’s the one on the cover, who resurfaces and starts to take control of the townsfolk with a diabolical plan afoot.


Poor MorganVille how are there going get though this?? And just what is this Moloch??! and what is it going do, and that’s not even starting with the new young family in town!!



I loved this book all in all its a Fast paced Horror. That will draw you in like a moth to a flame!


Reminiscing 80's horror days of old, demons, possession and devilish plans to take over the world.