My Top Ten Movies!!

I'm adopting the original post from Kitty Horror. Thanks for the idea!



1.Watership Down.


I think my dad wanted to scar me for life when he sat me down to watch This!!! Though it's an

Absolute Moving film. Just the music alone to the storyline... It's one of those films that will stay with you forever. It did me Will it make you cry. YES!!!



2. Full Metal Jacket.


The Female sniper to the guy blown his brains out. i watched all of this When i smoked my very 1st Blunt! But it was all about the female sniper. shocked me to my core.






Truly hands down one of the best fantasy films ever and in my Dvd collection. It even has unicorns!
I'd have this on rewind about 15 times a day as a kid. I knew all the words to the song by Yes “loved by the sun” I should of put this at number 1!


4. The Dark Cystal.




Atmospheric classic my of my absolute favs. I haven't watched it in years and need too.



5.the skeleton key


Southen Bayo Horror with a twist at the end! This film the plot twist is just off the hook! all mixed with a bit of Olde southern Hodu! This flim was one of the flims that made me want to go to New Orlean's


6. The Last Unicorn.


Again childhood fave Its also based on a book


7.The lost Boys


Forget Twilight this is one of the best vampire film's you can watch. They are kick ass Plus the two corey's Hot hot hot.



8. E.T


I have no word's but this film scared the Utter crap out of me as a kid. ET is SCARY!! and one of the film's that stay in my top ten because of that.


9. The Door's

Fantastic film.

Psychedelic film about one of the great artists in the world The doors and the life of there lead singer Jim Morrison


10. The Shining.


Yuppers there was a massive war With Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick. over this film. i just think its one of my favs due to the blood and the Barman... Lloyd. a very Spooky flim.