Duma Key - Stephen King

When I First picked up this Book. ((for the Horror Aficionados group read.)) The cover got me because I got it on my Kobo I couldn't see the cover of the book because I use Kobo lite. ((Its great for reading horrors in the dark Though!)) It wasn't until i looked for the cover Online that i saw how Intense it was. I Realized how taken i was by the cover,  It had such graphics but you don't truly understand the cover until you read the Book.


Poor Edgar Freemantle. He centrally doesn't have it Very easy. What stunk me is that. I loved his char from the start till the finish. He barely survives a horrific on-site accident where his truck is crushed by a crane. Freemantle's right arm is amputated, and severe injuries to his head cause Edgar to have problems with speech, vision, and memory. As a result, Edgar also has violent mood swings and thoughts of suicide. During one of those mood swings, he attacks his wife, who later claims that as a main reason why she divorced him. ((What a bitch you see what I mean when you read the book.)) and I haven't even got to “Wireman yet”.


“Jerome wireman” I got a hot tanned sliver fox with a hot Mexican tongue Vibe off him. The kind of Man all young girls want from an older man I loved his char! And yes I had a crush on him thoughout the book.

I gotta say There’s a good reason why Stephen King Is up there as king of modern day horror. And He deserves his title. With this book think... Hot long summer Evenings. Think of a old house that been left... Suddenly. Then think of how that house look like When the humid heat and wildlife and Flora of Florida takes over. But Why?? well I'll leave that for you to find out!


All in all I loved this book Highly recommended! Takes a while to get in to it but once your in you feel like part of the family.