Coreyography: A Memoir - Corey Feldman


Picked this book up as I have been a fan of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's since lost boys and gremlins! It definitively Spares no details. Its absolutely the best written memoir I’ve ever picked up. Very true to heart, Corey had a hell of time as a kid and to be brutally Honest, This book is absolutely heartbreaking. His family pushed him into fame at the age of 3. there was so many things in his personal life that really struck a cord with me.


As if that wasn't awful enough, Corey wrote about how he was frequently molested by older men, and said pedophilia is a serious problem in the entertainment business. His longtime friend and fellow actor, Corey Haim, was raped on a movie set when he was just 11. In a disturbing description, Feldman looked at a photo from his 15th birthday party and saw that there were five different child molesters in the picture, along with himself and Haim. He said they were surrounded by "monsters." Feldman said he later tried to bring charges against one of his abusers, but the statute of limitations had run out.

The thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that Corey Feldman sates that Haim felt it was what guys do... And that all guys Do “It” Because he was so used to his Abusers. Its heartbreaking I honesty was crying when I read that.


I don't think I'll ever be able to watch Those 80s films the same way I used too. And my heart goes out to both Corey’s and I hope they get justice One day I really do.

This book is brave and shocking! By an awesome actor who talks honestly and truthfully About his best friend and what really happened to him in his life. Feldman writes like a man Determined to put the past behind him and highly highly respect him for that. I also Highly highly highly recommend this book as a read it will blow your mind.