The Entity - Frank De Felitta

Beyond physical reality, beyond ecstasy and pain to a dark netherworld of psycho-sexual truth.
Ravaged night after night, against her will, beyond her understanding, violated by an enemy against whom there was no weapon...
A terrifying novel, based on a real life case of a woman preyed upon by a spectral rapist.



I got recommend this book by a friend of mine. At 1st I was a bit skeptical. On the events that were being played out in the book. I found this to be Very interesting I do bleive in ghost's strongly. I have my own personal reasons for such. So this book Grabbed me its about an ordinary woman and her family pulled in the massive grips of a paranormal activity.


I found while reading this book I was at a bit of a struggle. What the Drs put her though is terrible and I found an immediate dislike to the main young Dr. it was A very unsettling story and the fact that is could be a possible reallife case makes it all that more terrifying. To be hounded by an unseen force daily. Something that you can't see but it can see and grab you is very freaky indeed!


However part of me did have a hardiest time trying to even imagining if this was possible I mean could it be possible??


the ending had me in tears also its almost as if I expected it to happen but all in all a really good read.



((real photo of the case with the woman sitting on the bed))