Royal Blood:  King Richard Iii And The Mystery Of The Princes - Bertram Fields

So I haven't brought my self a book for a while. Well I have but not a paper one. I love a bit of history and why not one of the most “Strangest moments in history” The disappearance of the princes in the tower. For years this has fascinated people because its one of those “Who did it??”


Was it king Richard the III??? or was it some one completely Different who wanted To put Henry Tudor on the throne??


I have to say books like this fascinate Me. I've been to London tower and badly want to go again.


But this book didn't quite do it for me, I struggled a lot with it. And found myself at time's feeling as If I was in a boring history lesson. Though there was some really good points to be made. And it did Really throw out some really good logics to what could of happen to the Princes. I felt this book was all over the places at times. But mostly it leaned towards supporting Richards innocence.


It inspired me to want to go to to the towers of London Again but it didn't once shed light on what happen to the princes in the Tower.