Absolutely Terrifying.

The Fog - James Herbert

Yep James Herbert you have a fan for life now.



Its really good to find authors that are from your country The fact James the auhor is from my old hometown! And comes out with the books he does is just mind blowing to me. He is up there with Stephen king to me and is truly Talented,


I 1st Picked up this book when I was a teen on holiday It was a book left in my aunty’s holiday Villa got intro a few pages and it truly disturbed me to the core, to the point were I even felt I was far to young at the time to be reading such a scary book. But the few pages I did read stayed with me for life. Especially the one with the cows and the farmer I have no idea why. So I felt it was time to Buy this book I buyed it on Amazon.co.uk and snuggled down with my kobo and candle ((For that added effect!)) and started reading...



 "This time he Brought up a man, A man covered from head to foot with dust and dirt. A man who gibbered and screamed. A man who had to be restrained by 4 others. from running back and throwing himself into the blacken depths. A man who was insane."


A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind a trail of misery and horror. A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other. Whatever it is, it must be controlled.


At once your in the story, and don't leave until the end. I couldn't put it down. you feel like you are a 3rd eye to all that is happening in the story and i honesty have to say This is one of the most intense horror books i have read James really doesn't hold back after a few pages in And i  went and got all of his books i had to so there will be more reviews of his books to come! Although dated and written in the 70s you would think it was a modern day Horror book It has a sort of zombie feel to it too. Its a total jaw dropping horror fun ride of a book and A book a recommend for any horror fan's collection.