True Or Not True That Is The Question.

Communion: A True Story - Whitley Strieber

I've been on a bit of an alien tip lately.


I hunted this down and picked this up in a second hand shop as it is no longer in print.


I just don't get it. I was told it was scary and I Must admit some of the chapters are scary. But Mostly I found I just didn't understand it. The author has written a few horror books as well, And I haven't as yet read his other works though I would like too. Then perhaps I can get a more understanding of this book.


Its an Abduction/UFO real life book were the author and his family are the victim;s of an alien Abduction. Whitley Strieber goes in to detail of what happened to him and some of it I found slightly disturbing. On the fact of “What if he really is talking the truth “ The author clearly believed that what he experienced was real and in this book he made a concerted effort to present facts and statements to support his belief rather than to draw objective conclusions.


Did it change my life to the point I will say you must read this book. No. Do I think he might of possibly made a book to make money on the whole “Extra terrestrials” thing and drag his poor family in Yes. You only have to really read the hypnosis of his poor wife or how many times they have moved to notice that something isn't quite right. Perhaps I’m Still a skeptic. Perhaps the flim might change my mind :p