Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Stickmen - Edward Lee

Gotta say! I do love a bit of Edward lee!


Why??? because to me he’s like a teen trash Horror I got warned By someone That some of his works can be really fucked up. But this Story I loved! I breezed 469 pages in just a few days.


The plot is thus Edward brings to us a novel of Aliens, FBI, conspiracy theories and nuts. I totally loved it! Did I laugh at the main chars yes! This is my 2nd book I've read of Edward lee's and its clear to me he has a passion for redheads and blonds lol I mean C'mon what guy doesn't! Anyway back to the book.


There wasn't a boring page in this book! I loved the main chars. an investigative reporter who is better than his reputation to the little kid danny. Its totally off the mark for what I was expecting. As I got to know of Edward lee as being a intense horror author. I think this book proves he can do lots of suspense too! And other plots. I love his humour. He also drops a lot of famous conspiracy theories. And I'm really interested in that sort of stuff. I'm off to Spain soon so i will definitely be making a shop for more Edward lee books to take on holiday with me