One of those couldn't put it down books..

Dweller - Jeff Strand

This got picked out for the monthly Horror Aficionados Group reads and I have to say I was delighted with it!



Jeff strand does an Fantastic Job with this book. While I was reading it I really felt like I was reading it from Tobys perspective like he was sitting there and telling me his tale I even had his voice in my head that of a child. To a man. Toby isn't a normal child you can tell right away he is very troubled. But it doesn't mean you don't feel a care for him or for Owen “The monster he befriends” They have some awful stuff happen. Toby screws up BIG TIME on more than one occasion and Owen screws up too But they’re always there for each other despite it all.


An intense story with a heart that captured me from page 1. all in all I really enjoyed this book and found I just couldn't put it down.