Inner workings of a USA Real life coven.

Book of Shadows - Phyllis Curott, Lauren Marino

I wouldn't call this a occult book per say, but I know this is viewed. By Most “Witches and pagan's and druids and those of the Old way's” As an essential book to have in there collection. And I have to agree with them.



This book takes you on a journey Ms. Curott tells the incredibly compelling (and true) story of how she came to find her path and craft within a Coven. Were she learns all about the “Old ways “ and the “Wise craft” I have to say. Reading this book and been taught by my Mother about the old ways A lot of this book is 100% based on true facts from the history to the tool's and spells and invocations used by the coven.



This book isn't one of those books that I tend to find Hard to get in too or complex. Its a simple Book a story almost, That helps give reference to the craft and thus would be very ideal for any beginner or for those that wish an easy gain sight into the workings of a coven and how they work.



The witches in this are not English though but usa. There is a lot of Celtic Reference in the book as well as Egyptian reference.


All in all I found it a very relaxing and enjoyable read and if your into The old ways I would give this book a go.