"This book isn't for you..."

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

Hey guys and gals!


So I wanted to make a collection of books that every horror fan Has! or thinks highly off, And this book really stood out to me. The reviews of it were just fantastic so I went out on a whim and got it for my Kobo. Lit some candles and curled up and began.... I know this book has a massive cult following But....



Now honesty, I don't know if its me and I highly think it is me! Because I know anybody who is a book worm gets stuck in a circle were they just can't get in to books or just don't get it. And I feel when it Comes to this book I just couldn't do it. Not yet and not right now. Anyhow It kind of made me saddened because at the start of the book it has the words “This book isn't for you.” and maybe it isn't its certainly one of those mount Everest of books. And right now No this book isn't for me but that isn't to say I'm going quit on it I’m not but for now its going back on the digital shelf for an other time.