Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Seer - Grant Palmquist

Its 4am and I'm up with a bad Tummy! What to do when you have nights like this Read and write Reviews! I've been a bit slow when it comes to reviewing the book's I’ve been reading, And good reason for it too I've totally been locked down with work. The good thing about that is More money to buy book's!


So honesty I've been struggling to read this Due to work but the times I have it locked me in to place! I was Lucky enough to talk to grant the author such is the joy of the Internet nowadays Its so Good That you get to interact with Authors. Back in the day you had to go to book sighing days!

For those of you that haven't picked up a book of The seer By “Grant Palmquist” or any of his works I highly recommend you do. I was lucky enough to pick up the seer as a free copy. And I'm so glad I did.


The book is based on the times of the 80s when things were really good ((I'm a child of the 80s!)) The story starts like a thriller about a serial killer, but soon turns into something much darker and sinister. When Sal, a seemingly nice man on the outside, but a child-killing monster at night, moves in across the street, 10-year-old Nick is the only one who can see his real face: a demonic creature serving hell. Nick tries to stop Sal, but of course no adult believes a teens weird stories and ultimately, Nick has to fight the evil next door on his own.


I loved how the story was told and to be honest I couldn't wait to get back to this book when I could. I devoured it when I could. I did find it a bit of a struggle on some chapters But it all made part of the story. A Horror tale That I was naturally impressed by immensely. He throws you In so you get to be part of the story and see it not only from Sal's Eyes ((one of the main char's)) but from nick and his friends and family too.


All in all a excellent read And I will be Buying more of Grant's Novels again!