One of The Best fantasy Books Ever!

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien, Alan Lee

Now we come to this Book!


Now the whole Lord of the rings trilogy Is a Big big part of my life, They Are one of my Fathers Best series of fantasy books. ((Hes a big time fantasy and si-fi book fan.)) So I grew up with the whole Lord of the rings. So many things fantasy Were made When people picked up these books!! I don't even think Dungeons and dragons. or World of Warcraft would even Exist if it wasn't for J.R.R Tolkien! As a kid many a time i would Sneek my dads copy of the hobbit to Read. So i felt it was time to take a break from horror and go on a adventure!


I honesty think that Bilbo Baggins is such a Loveable char with a big Heart and Unexpected courage, you see him pulled out of all his comfort zones But he still shows courage though out it all.


This book gives me a big big big sense of nostalgic comfort I almost felt by picking this up and reading it again having watched the films in the cinema That in the books the chars are far More friendly then in the film Theres so much I could go on about this Book they go on a great adventure. In this book you will see why Gandalf does what he does, and why he asked Bilbo Baggins to join them on there Adventure.


You should go with them x