This one Pulled at my heart strings...

Bag Of Bones - Stephen King

Hello interweb people and Fellow book fans,


So today I’m doing a review on one of Stephens kings books “Bag of Bones” For my birthday, I got given the whole collection of Stephen Kings Books his novel's From someone who No longer wanted Them So I was very very happy! And even more to give them a new home. As a teenager I've got though a few of his books you know the classics Like Christine, Carrie. But I felt at that age I didn't fully understand his books and found them a struggle to get though. But not Anymore!


Stephen king can tell a story! This one is in leaps and bounds. It keeps you on edge to the point, your almost biting your fingers to find out what happens, And what his wife Almost found out. Its a tragic tale But I didn't find the spooky elements to it all that scary. If anything I found it rather bizarre I guess I wouldn't be saying that if it happened to me in Real life! :p


The saddest part was when the ghost of “Sarah” Shows Mike ((The main char. )) What really happened all those years ago to her. And it all falls in to place. King has a way of building up his story’s Then he hits you with a Bam! And this is one of his story’s That fully do that. I loved the Plot to bits. But in this book there was a lot of people I felt sorry for Mostly the women.