Wasn't expecting that Twist!

Naomi's Room - Jonathan Aycliffe

Naomi's Room.



I picked up this book as the Group I belong too "Horror Aficionados" Highly recommended it. A few people from the group had read it, And were truly shocked! So I snuggled up and began to read.


I love horrors That get in to your innercore and leave you thinking and This is one of those books. Jonathan Aycliffe is one of those writers and He's English! What begins as a sad tale and I Must say at 1st I was like oh no, This isn't a horror, This is a sad crime thriller. I even Thought for a while That the main char “Charles Hillenbrand” Had gone insane by the sad murder of his baby girl. What a shock I was in For!.


It fully pulls you in and you find you can't put the book down Charles fully tries to find out what happened to his baby girl. And what he finds out is shocking! This leaves you with a 

discerning thought Of “What if ghosts could kill??” The twist also is INSANE! I totally wasn't expecting it. And I was reading the twist by candlelight it was terrifying! Jonathan Aycliffe Really doesn't hold Back. I'm trying my best not to give spoilers But if you want to be scared and Shocked This is one of those books for you x