What It Means To Be a Bookworm ;)

Reblogged from Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land":

Well, i don't know about you guys, but i have this crazy idea that we, book lovers are united by a few and very important guidelines. You know, things that make us as special and endearing (lol) to our fellow friend readers.

Here's what i came out with....so far!!


1- You will treasure your books as if they're precious stones themselves; In fact we prefer books to jewelry...


2- We will never, EVER mark the books pages!  If there was ever, a list of book commandments, this would appear as number one in the list. Failure in respecting this rule, will result in immediate acts of aggression!



3-We are crazy about finding just the right place for a special book. We will move it up and down on the bookshelves...peer at it from different angles, until that elusive special spot is found! And then we will stare at it with dopey eyes...and other embarrassing expressions of contentment.



4- From time to time, we will stand still just watching the magnificence of all the books that we've collected so far...and wishing we had the double of it...


5- Lack of space doesn't bother us...after all, there's walls waiting to feel the books cozy weight....piles ready to be formed, just like volcanic mountains spontaneously formed ;)



6- We will only lend books to people, who feel as strongly as us about books. We love you guys...but not as much as our "precious"! ;)


7- We kind of wished that the days had forty eight hours...there's so much to do, and to read! Shiny new books just looking at us, and waiting to be read!! And books that we've loved forever, and which we missed re-reading! But there's simply no time!!


8- At times we wish we could just inhale the stories into us, since reading for some of us, is as important as breathing,


9- People who don't know us may throw some epithets our way ...we just smile and ignore them. After all we have so many worlds to explore! ;)


10- We are constantly making lists. Lists of the books we want to buy. Lists of the books we want to read!!

We love the feeling of striking books of the lists: One less to go....


11- We do not leave the house without at least one book in our bags! Some of us may even read while walking.. *cough, cough* ( and no, i'm not talking myself!)


12- If we do forget of bringing a book to read while waiting for something, hopelessness and despair will surely follow...





What about you? What makes you, a proud member of the bookworm club?


Had to post this its just wonderful.