Dead Voices - Rick Hautala

After her daughter is struck and killed on a desolate highway, Elizabeth begins hearing her child's voice calling out to her from the grave.




I got this in the strangest of ways! It was in a pack of 3 book's I loved the book cover really. More than anything, as I'd never heard of the book before! It has that typical 80s/90s Horror cover I absolutely love! The plot its self was spot on. The main Protagonist Elizabeth has gone through a really hard time, Her daughter die's a tragic car crash and grieving is playing a part to blame her from her husband. So she tries to escape to her family farm.It is there a series of horrific event's pull her and the whole of her old home town into terror.


There isn't very much review's of the book on goodread's which is a shame, As the plot is really good! Toward's the end it got a bit predictable. But though the plot your left with a sense if it could have been anyone!? The book say's it was published in the 1990s, but the cover looks older than that?!


All in all a really good read with a flawless plot and horror ,suspense that will leave you thinking for a while.