One of his most lightest works maybe?

Ladies' Night - Jack Ketchum

Tom Braun is sitting in his neighborhood bar. His wife and his boy are at home in their apartment just a few blocks away. He's had yet another fight with her and is looking to steady his nerves and drown his sorrows and maybe--if he's lucky--snag a little something on the side. But the women in the bar are very strange tonight.



This was a really enjoyable read. I know what your thinking!? This is the same author that wrote THAT book... 'The Girl next door.' And I will admit I'm still trying to gather the mind will to read it. I guess I will one day who knows?


But anyways, after reading Off season this to me was a really light read compared to some of his other works, it's Still the classic Jack Ketchum style of way bloody out there With gut's and gore! And all that Classic splatterpunk style he's well known for, but it was funny!


I had vision's of what Shaun and the dead could be like if it had a splatterpunk theme! I'm not going to give too much away, I try to never do that. But if your into your splatterpunk I highly recommend this!