Stephan King The Mist

The Mist - Stephen King

So I've finally got round to doing a review for this book, I had quite a mission getting this on paperback as nobody in the UK had it for sale. So I had to get it shipped over from the USA. It says the story is from Kings book the skeleton crew? But the king rewrote it and made it longer? 



I have to say I watched the film and this tale is just like the book, it's amazing both left me with a really eerie feeling, but that's why I love king, he always leaves you thinking week's and days after you have read one of his novels.


The book grips you with a surreal feeling I got a total modern feeling of Lovecraft with this Novel and I loved it. I'm a big big fan of H.P Lovecraft so this was a feeling of nostalgia.



This novel is mainly about survival. The main charter in the story 'David Drayton' and His wife and Billy There young son, are on holiday when a Violent thunderstorm awakes an unnatural Mist that quickly spreads across their town of Bridgton, Maine. After that, with out giving away too much of the plot of sorts, of terrifying things happen that is a true struggle for survival to all the characters in the book.


Truly a really good read. All Hail the king! :)