It's been a while!


I feel like I haven't been here forever.. For many reason's Booklikes got so slow, I just couldn't log in on here at all. But I knew Booklikes would sort it and they seem to have! So It's all good I totally understand other bloggers were getting pissed off. But generally I don't think it was booklikes fault at all. They have never let us down and I think what most people forget is that Booklikes provides a free blogging service for us to blog about our love of book's How could you be mad at them when they provide this wonderful free service. I had faith and they didn't let me down and I'm thankful for that.


So Just a general update!



We're slowly winding down on 2016 thank god! What with Christmas just around the corner, I used to hate Christmas and dreaded it But now I love it and try to fully embrace it.


I was going to move this year! It was going to be the 'forever home move' A country move. But I put that on hold because it became too stressful and I'm hoping to Resume that next year as a project this time! Cause it's a big thing! So that's it really! I just wanted to say I'm here! Not going anywhere I did ponder it not going lie, but Booklikes is one my utter passion's and I feel we have a good little community going here!


Shan xx