Bingo!!! Finally :p

Slade House: A Novel - David Mitchell



Yay! I finally did it! Bingo baby! Just finished the Halloween bingo with my last read of "Slade House By David Mitchell"


Straight off the bat, I chose this because I felt it fitted into Magical Realism theme and I'm proper I glad I did as it fitted the theme perfectly. Slade house is a Strange little tale of Occult mystery that to me felt very sort of Aleister Crowley kind of vibe.


I became disheartened with it after a few chapters sadly due to the fact it became repetitive it was the same tale over and over and left me with the feeling off well when is someone going to break this circle and when the action is really going to start?!


It's a strange little tale. But one I think if it wasn't so repetitive it would stay with me, but sadly, I know it won't.