Clive Barker ColdHeart Canyon

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker

I have to say this book highly surprised me! When I saw this in the library I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. After being so heart trodden with the scarlet gospels, This was amazing!

The story started in Romania in the 1920s when a famous film starlot Katya Lupi returns to visit to her family with her talent agent Willem Zeffer. Zeffer visits an old medieval castle, which has been turned into a monastery and decides to buy a unique work of art, a series of sculpted and painted tiles depicting (in a grotesque and obscene manner) the local legend of a Count who was cursed to haunt the nearby wilderness for all eternity. Upon seeing this art he decided Katya has to have it and take's it back with them to the hills of L.A


Cutting to current times we then meet Todd. The curse that goes to the tiles are soon to fall on him, but will those around him help him in time?


The story and plot line to this is insane! The chars are very well written too, was this ever made into a film? If not it should be! I honestly couldn't put this book down. Clive Baker's mind is like a den of sordid pleasures, but he makes his written work so addictive! There are graphic scenes in this book so I will say if you're a bit sensitive to that then this book isn't for you. However Clive just has a way of letting his stories flow so you really get a sense of were he's put you in the hot canyons of L.A and i absolutely loved the tale because of that. A read i really enjoyed!