The Fireman Joe Hill

The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill

I was lucky enough to win a competition That Blackwell's in Holburn was doing for the Preview to Joe Hill's the fireman. I think he popped in there and left a few copies of his preview book. I was so hyped when I won and got a glimpse to the story before the book fully dropped. The preview came with a really Epic doodle and was personally signed by Joe himself. The Preview plot was fantastic, It really puts you into the picture of what was to come. So I was really hyped to wait down the days for release. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed!


When a disease unheard of suddenly has an outbreak no one is really prepared for. I know you're automatically going to think, oh it's a zombie infection. ((If you haven't seen the press release for the book or other reviews that is.)) It's not at all. And you will find out more as you read on. The infection, leaves people with beautiful markings of black and gold.. I have to say reading this book I was left with a mind set of well it actually sounds like a really Kool infection!!


At the start of the story we meet Harper, Harper is a kids Nurse remember those mum's at school that used to be midwives, but sometimes come into school in England to check the whole school for nits ect. Well in America, they actually have real nurses on standby in their schools! Lest in this book they do! As you can tell they don't have that in England. Harper is a real nurse and she is pretty kool.. She suddenly finds herself in the midst of the epidemic.


Joe has a way with writing characters he can really make you love them or hate them. But he really has a talent for bringing those charters to life and their flaws and all! And I have to say Harper grated on me and her husband. I wanted to smash his face in! I don't honestly go around thinking I want to smash peoples faces in, but you will see why I hated her husband so much and why I just wanted to give Harper a bit shake down and a stiff drink and proper home truth session Harper is just too kind!! Way too kind! See what I mean by one of Joes talents :P


All in all it's a beautiful book that has an awesome plot and well written characters well worth the read :)