Go set a Watchman Harper Lee

Go Set a Watchman: A Novel - Lee Harper

An absolutely beautiful book. Harper lee's Go set a Watchman isn't quite as good as to Kill a mocking bird, but it's totally "The book" to lay the final bricks to what is a well loved book by all generation's.


In go set a Watchman, we meet Cheeky, Fesity Very opinionated "scout" Again. The girl that every woman would love as a daughter at least I would! This time, however, she's not the cute in dungarees lil Scoutlin! She's a grown up Lady of New York. Returning to Visit Maycomb.


Set in the backdrop of one of the most Historical Changes in American society, Increasing Civil rights tensions and an end to segregation. This book exposes the Prejudices Between races, North versus South and the different generation's and the way of them.

Truly, this book is an amazing insight into American History that Harper Lee wrote. It raises issues that are still highly spoke of today.


I loved this book, reading it was like going right back to a family I love in the Deep south! what with the infamous and much loved Atticus and the other finches. It made me smile. But also made me tear up Harper doesn't mess around and lays a slap to the senses in at least five pages in the start That left me shell shocked for a few hours.. I will leave that with you to find out! :) T


Too many people have been left disappointed to their own misimaginings of this book, but if you read it with an open mind (and try not to compare it too much to TKAM) I think you’ll be surprised. It was a wonderful story, filled with a range of ideologies and opinions that are great to sink your teeth into.


P.s I'm so carrying this book around with me for a week at least while i have my book comedown. :0P