Aeon Of Wonder Carey L. Henderson

Aeon of Wonder: Stories of gods, angels and men Volume I - Carey Henderson


From the ancient Sumerians to the Egyptians to
Rome. From the Hebrew Semitic peoples and more.
This book encompasses fiction as mythos and
mythos as Truth played out over a Grand Stage:
the one we call Life. These works are the result of
wonder and awe, looking at the world through an
old lens, one that has not been so hampered by
ones and zeroes and modern nomenclature. It
seeks to prove nothing, only to invoke a moment of
thought and, perhaps, wonder and awe at the
world around us, this Grand Stage called Life.





This was an absolute pleasure to read. Very well written this book consists of six short tales, each about different aspects of Angels, Humans, demons and other spooky things!

I would definitely buy more stories from this author as his written style and ability to weave a tale is flawless. I won't go into the storylines as I don't want to spoil anything but honestly, it was a delight to read this book and I highly recommend it :)