The Book of English Magic Philip Carr-Gomm, Richard Heygate

The Book Of English Magic - Richard Heygate, Philip Carr-Gomm

The first thing I noticed about this book when I picked it up at a Watkins book shop in London was how beautifully illustrated the cover was so I had to get it.


This book gives details on the history of English Magic and Occult, It has tons of really interesting details as well as "things to do" if you're interested in each section. The main sections of this book follow practice's in Druidly, Anglo Saxon Magic (Wyrd craft) Alchemists Cornish witchcraft the list goes on!


Everything is neatly listed in this book from the big names like Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente to name a few. It also lists great places of interest within England as well as a detailed map that anybody travelling to England and wants to visit those places can easily look up. All in all, this book would make a great read for someone interested in the history of witchcraft and where it's English based roots come from.