Strained Shoulder And All The Works!

Hey there!

I said I was going to this post 2 weeks ago, but never got round to it. I know I've been a bit silent on here as of late. Mainly to do with work. The hour's I'm being given are crazy and the wages even more so! Anyways, Three weeks ago I pulled my shoulder while I was sleeping. I ended up in hospital over that as it was my left shoulder, I wasn't taking any chances. So I took myself in only to be told I did indeed strain or pull the muscle when i was sleeping so some nimble advice, don't waste money on those memory foam pillows as they're crap! I just brought a new pair of them that week and I end up with a pulled shoulder that's probably going take weeks to heal. So that's it really. Reviews are going to be slow as I can't type with my shoulder. However, If you have twitter I would love to follow you guy's so please feel free to add me!


Hope you have an awesome rest of the week. :p