Steve Berry The King's Deception

The King's Deception - Steve Berry

There is a secret from our history - 500 years old - startling in its revelations and devastating in its political impact. A secret that has, thankfully, stayed hidden. Until now. Former Justice Department agent, Cotton Malone, travels to England and finds himself caught in a dark conspiracy born long ago, in the time of the Tudors.


I'm going to be honest, and this might be a very short review because of it But the only thing that kept me interested in this book was the plot. The whole book, it's self was boring. There were two subplots in this book. One of them is the plot I was interested in and the other I really couldn't care less for as it was so predictable. However the plot I liked in this book was really interesting. There was a time I was really into book's like this mainly Dan browns book's but I didn't feel this book very much at all But it did make me wonder if the whole conspiracy sharing the book's plot is real and I would love to read a book about the plot that isn't so fictional.