The Color Purple - Alice Walker

Set in the Deep south Georgia, And I can only think in 1920s or 1930s?

We meet Celie and her sister. Right off the bat Celie drops a line in the book that rips you to your core of what she has to deal with.

 The entire book is told through Diary Entries, This book pulled at my heart strings. Because this book focus's on Poverty, Sexual Oppression, Racial Oppression as well as the separation of her and her sister. It has a lot of heartbreaking moments as well as touching ones, As you read through and learn about not only Celies life but those around her and some of the chars in this book, as they also deal with there day to day matters. in the times when the south was a very Hard place to live.

All in all its a beautiful book and well worth a read. I also highly recommend the move too! with Whoopi Goldberg as she does a stunning performance as Celie.