Stephen King's Cell

Cell - Stephen King

In Cell King taps into readers fears of technological warfare and terrorism. Mobile phones deliver the apocalypse to millions of unsuspecting humans by wiping their brains of any humanity, leaving only aggressive and destructive impulses behind. Those without cell phones, like illustrator Clayton Riddell and his small band of "normies," must fight for survival, and their journey to find Clayton's estranged wife and young son rockets the book toward resolution.



This book had me literally at the edge of my seat! When Clayton Riddell goes to get an ice cream he has no idea Armageddon is literally going happen around him, And the cause of it all is to do with cell phones!

King really doesn't mess around with this book, He throws you in the midst of it all in what is a Rapidly Distressing plot line. Of course I loved it! But it grips you with a whole feel of "what if?" while reading it, and I think King pulls that feeling to the reader beautifully.

The end made me a bit sad for a whole bunch of reason's because you really feel you're on that journey with them, and there was even a point where I was hesitant to pick the book up because I didn't want to read one of the chars had died!

Anyways, this is a great book, maybe not quite the choice of some hardcore king fans, but I loved it! Thank you Mister King.