The eleventh Black Book of Horror. Tales selected by Charles Black, Mortbury Press

The Eleventh Black Book of Horror - Thana Niveau, Anna Taborska, Stuart Young, Tony Earnshaw, Charles Black

I kindly got asked to review this book by Mortbury Press much to my delight! This book took me back With 14 Tales of blood chilling spooks, it's sure not to disappoint. from zombie Ghosty type dead Nuns to psychopathic Killers. To spooky demon's it takes you on a spine tingling ride with a quaint English type of feel. Lord of the sand stood out for me as well as keeping the romance alive and Molli and Julli and tea time too! This book is the eleventh Black book of horror, there's a whole series of them and I've been meaning to read to 1st one for a while!