Pines (Wayward Pines #1) Blake Crouch

Pines - Blake Crouch

Secret service agent Ethan Burkewakes up in Wayward Pines, Idaho after a car crash. He has no ID or cell phone and there seems to be no way to reach anyone outside the city...


Honestly, what would you do if that happened to You?.... Think about it... Cause that's what I did. I Love book's that make you think when you're not reading them, and this book did that!

The plot is insane, I picked this book up thinking "shan, it's going be one of those who did it murder plots" It kind of is but isn't. But I will tell you this.... It will grab you and you will be addicted to it it was all I raved about the 3 days I read it lol!

It's all about the twist in this book absolutely off the hook I wasn't expecting that kind of vibe with this and I can't wait to watch the TV series of this!



I Really Did spend a whole hour in the pub as well explaining to my friend about this Polt in this book :P