My little fire.

So, for Christmas I got what I think is the best present ever! I got a kindle fire 5th generation for a whole year I was debating whenever or not I should get it. Because I wasn't sure if it would be worth it, or if the payment packages, amazon offer would be befitting to my reading life style ect. Well on Christmas day I got it. And I have to say hands down, it's the best present.




It doe's everything I can plan coffee meetings night's out, I can put book's on it as well as download book's I can watch my cable tv on it. i can do all my book reviews and read my emails. It doesn't freeze. It's honestly the best gadget I've had in a while.



I got a bit confused over Amazons unlimited to Amazons prime and at first went for the prime package, with that I soon found out that you only get to read one book a month! Even though you get tons of good tv shows, films ect (I personally didn't think the films were all that to be honest.) amazon prime wasn't for me but kindle unlimited is. I'm still on the free trails, but when it ends I will be sticking with kindle unlimited. I can even watch Netflix on it so it's no loss to kindle prime really.

I'm really happy with this little fire I still love my kobo but this is also one of my loves now, I'm not saying it can replace the feel and smell of a paperback because it can't in my heart but it definitely is a keeper!