Unexplained Mysteries By Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries: Unsolved Mysteries Book - Victorian Mysteries

I decided to give my kindle a go with this. It didn't even occur to me until today that I'm actually with the wrong kindle plan!! grrr as I'm with prime that only lets you lend out one book a month as opposed to 10 books to get with kindle unlimited so I'm a bit pissed off and need to decide what plan I'm going for.

Anyway, that aside, lets talk about this book!

This was a quick, interesting read into some of the famous unexplained mystery's. Some of the case's are really interesting. However, I felt reading this there could have been a lot more information shared, but sadly wasn't and brushed over. Also, some bad spelling mistakes,(I'm not one to judge at all there!) But still quite a good read. I think the author lets call them " Mysteries" as they really are called Mysteries. Should maybe next time put more information in the cases he/she presents in their book's otherwise apart from that I really liked it!

If your looking for a quick read on some famous unsolved mysteries this is your book!