Ghosts and Gallows -True stories of Crime & The Paranormal

Ghosts & Gallows: True Stories of Crime and the Paranormal - Paul Adams

Murder and ghosts go hand-in-hand and vengeful spectres seeking justice or haunting the scene of the crime or their killers have adored the pages of literature since before Shakespeare. This chilling collection of true-crime tales dating from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day all feature some element of the paranormal. Gathered from across the UK, cases include the discovery of a body by a spiritual medium, a murder solved by a dream of the mother of the victim, and evidence at a Scottish murder trial provided by the ghost of the victim himself. Featuring visions, psychometry, ghosts, haunted prisons, possessions, and spiritual detectives, this book is a fascinating look at criminology and ghost hunting.


My library really is the best! I grabbed this as a Epub copy, Ghosts and gallows are just what I was looking for. Based on cases of true life crime and the paranormal. It has some really famous well known names in the field in this book as well as some of the cases that made the medium's and psychics  famous. Also found in this book is strange crime cases. And how some of them were saved. There isn't really any case in this book really stood out to me. But still it made for a really interesting read. Highly recommended if you're into parapsychology or real life paranormal.