Burnt Offerings By Robert Marasco.

Burnt Offerings - Robert Marasco

The Rolfes -- Ben, wife Marian, son David, and Aunt Elizabeth -- are a pleasant family from New York seeking to escape from the doldrums of a summer in their Queens apartment. They find a beautiful old country mansion on Long Island -- restful, secluded, with pool and private beach -- perfect, for the right people. But their "perfect" summer home hides terrors beyond their wildest imaginings. During that long summer the house becomes a nightmare from which there seems to be no escape.


Burnt offerings is a classic of a book from the same guy that brought you Chucky the doll Yuppers That doll. This book of his "Burnt Offerings" is spooky haunted house read. The pace is set with a relaxed feel that soon evolves you into a suspenseful feel. Well written and very good char's  I was very impressed to begin with. HOWEVER, the ending made me feel blah. I was expecting a better ending with the build up. And was sad when I didn't get it. But I loved how it left me with a Must know feeling at work I personally love book's like that. Reprinted by Valancourt books, this makes for a good Haunted house read.