Stephen King's Carrie.

Carrie - Stephen King


 There are Book's for every reviewer that just hit's a nerve or their very inner core. For some Reason This is like Cujo to me It deals with raw emotions. King has a way with his book's. He's a mind player to his fan's and this is why I love him. He doe's this with Carrie.It's a very touchy scene. The raw Teen emotion's The acceptance of High school, And just how cruel teen's can be without realizing it, But it isn't just that. It's the neglect that is sadly questioned by insanity of a mother left to care for a daughter she had no mind set to cope with.


This book pulled on my heart strings Like really pulled. It left me with a sense of heart wrenching sadness. And anger and in my mind, I was cheering Carrie on.Then I stopped and felt guilty. Do you see what mean?! King is King in this novel! This is why i think Carrie stands tall as one of the best horror book legends.


This book will have you at the edge of your seat. and will pull at your emotion's, One of kings more shorter Novels at only 146 Pages, but a rollercoaster of a story and high worth it's throne as one of horror book's best classic's.


p.s I didn't include her "gift" in this review but it's awesome!