Unholy Dimensions by Jeffrey Thomas

Unholy Dimensions - Jeffrey Thomas

I must Admit I'm fairly new to the Lovecraft Mytho's, Lovecraft is someone who has crept up on me this year. To the point I adore his work's considering when I first picked up one of his book's I just couldn't get into it at all. But I persevered and now I adore his work's.

Reading Thomas's collection has really enlightened my outset to the Lovecraft Mytho's and The world view of Lovecraft In this book there are many aspects to different mindset's as well as Lovecraft's beast's, The guy was a horror genius and Thomas's shows some of this with different aspect's of his tales.

Jeffrey takes us from Outerspace, to backwoods villages to Antarctica Harshness all with that weird cameos occult feel. there's 27 Tales in this book all

Refreshingly different and well worth a read.