Jack the ripper

Jack the ripper - Miriam Rivett, Mark Whitehead

 This was a book I picked up at my local library that I've wanted to read it for some time. But never got around to it, so I put it down for reserve.
 There's a whole mystery to jack the Ripper. If your a cockney or from London it's likely you will know the case inside out. As it was one of those cases that made the history of every Londoner's heart. Of how Jack killed those poor ladies of the night and walked into the mists of London never to be seen again.

Throughout History loads of detectives even the FBI did a character profile on him. But you ask any cockney and they will tell you even to this Day, Those murders wasn't all jack he didn't do them all! There was a copycat that wanted in on his fame.

This book cuts to the chase full up fact's of how and when the crime happened. An enjoyable read with references at the back of the book, in case you want to do your own investigation, it also states on the back the suspects and their history and how they fell into the case. There's even talk it could of being the elephant Man but that's not in the book :0)