House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

I don't even know what angle to come from with this book. I wanted to give it an in depth review as it deserves such.


I saw this book while at Forbidden planet I've been wanting to buy it for ages so i got it there and then.

I think this book is going be one of this book's that stays with me the reason why is I couldn't understand what become of the main character "Johnny Truant" The book itself with its core story is just crazy. With it's insane footnotes. Academic paper's, it even has bloody Stephen king and Anna Rice in it. The aspects to the book is like a maze Much like the one that's inside Navison house.

All in all This isn't a full review and I will be coming back to this book at some point, To sum it up it left a very disturbed and confused feeling in me.