The Elementals

Elementals - Michael McDowell

A delightful tale that was written in the 80s and went out of print, but then got reissued Harrraah! As it's truly a wonderful tale! As soon as I tucked into this book I was struck with how it just sets the pace for what would be a perfect read.

The elementals is based in warm, chilled Alabama. I picked this vibe up and lavished it, as I love that old southern style charm. The story is based upon 3 main southern Rich family's Mostly the Savage family. The other family being the McCrays. I Loved the chars in this book and their backgrounds. And there holiday houses where the scene is set. Reading this I could also feel the onset of what the author later wrote the script for "Beetle Juice!" I could just picture little India one of the characters, dressed up as a little New York emo. :p

All in all a wonderful Spooky horror that set a comfortable tone with me that I haven't felt in a while with a book, you must read this via candle light as I did and it was perfect!