Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony - Jeff Ashton

So this book right here, I remember way way way back when myspace was all the rage, back then the Casey Anthony case came out. For some reason I think it sparked a chord in me. At the time I was always out clubbing but she was a mother of a beautiful child and at the time I was like if I had a child as beautiful as her's I would knock clubbing on the head for life. How could someone who has a family like hers and a beautiful child such as caylee, do such a terrible thing? Yes, I really think she did it, to this day I'm still 100% and more she killed Caylee so she could live the "Bella vita life" Back then, this case angered me, she had no...No emotions at all for that little girl. When she was given her first phone call she was more interested in calling her ex at the time than even wondering where her little angel was. Even typing this I get pure rage! I can't believe they let her go free how was it even possible they did that?? Anyway, my emotions aside Jeff Ashton, who was the defence for Caylee, wanted always justice for Caylee and in this book he writes Blow by blow how he tried to get that. How the anythonys Cindy and George foolishly tried to stop that too. If you was like me and engulfed with rage, but didn't get the full story of this case from the News I highly recommend it and Casey Anthony I hope one day you are retrialed in the count for the killing of your innocent daughter and given what you should of had the death sentence.