The Lovecraft Anthology: Volume 2 - H. P. Lovecraft

A wonderful Sunday Morning to you all!

Here at the Little book cove, I'm having a very chilled morning. I had a choice, Would I like to go for a meal and late night drinks last night, or chill with a book, what do you think I Chose lol! Last night I finished the second instalment of this.

I have to say it's not as good as the first one, the Storyline and plot were a bit off at times But The artwork I cannot fault at all, especially “Steve Pugh's” In fact All the artists and colourists are fantastic in this book. In this Collection of graphic “H.P Love Crafts” short tales. There were story's I haven't yet got to read so there adaptation was really epic. "Pickman's Model" was a lot Like Dorian Gray in many aspects. “The Temple” left me with a strange eerie feeling. As well as “The nameless City.” I was rather sad that I’ve come to the end if these, but I'm going to keep an eye out for more of these kind of book's as There quite addictive! And make a wonderful addition to the collection for any H.P Lovecraft fan's Collection.