Ghostly Tales: Poltergeists, Haunted Houses, and Messages from Beyond - Billy Roberts

Meh...I'm saying meh because Honesty when i brought this book i was over the moon when it came. But as soon as i starting reading i just wasn't impressed at all. There's noway some of these tales are True. I'm not in the line of paranormal work. But i really think this Billy Roberts is taking people for a ride. It's a shame because people have paid good money for his book i personally think He's one of "Those medium's" who give others the real one's a bad name. In this book he seems like he pissed off the team of Most haunted.

Then made a big scene in a new York Hotel to get an other Room. He just screams total issues to me. I know most real mediums have issue's So do sensitives too. But i dunno as i read the book i just got this vibe the author's not the real deal. He probably believes he is, but Yea... Don't buy this book cause you'll just be helping him and his wife live a deluded life... 


The two stars are for the ghost's in this book that might be real and got sadly pulled into this book lol!