Devil's Breath - Greg F. Gifune

I Happily received this book from Netgalley and DarkFuse For an honest review.



I had a feeling about this book from the moment I saw the cover. I've seen other book's That Greg F.Gifune has written but this was my second ever book I've had the pleasure to read of his. I was just MINDBLOWN with this plot. even after reading "The Rain Dancer's" I'm sitting here trying to find the words to tell you guys how fantastic this book is! For me personally it hit all the marks of a Suspense horror for the duration of this book. I was on the edge of my seat! I kid you not! I love a Plot that makes you think while reading the book.. And best of all after reading the book. Greg totally has done this to me I even researched some of the key factors in this book! that's how much it got me thinking. also the way the characters  had depth to there personality's too. I liked that!


So a bit about the plot without giving it away.


We meet Stan Falk. Now Stan is a man getting by how he can.. Stan has secrets like we all do, But his secrets and world is about to be thrown apart... He was on the verge of suicide before the knock on the door came.


The tension in this book was as thin as a violin string I felt it was going break at any point!


All in all a Excellent read and highly Highly recommended read. Greg F.Gifune i salute  you.