Voodoo in New Orleans - Robert Tallant




It took me a while to get though this if I'm honest. But it was a really interesting read. I got this at hex Shop while in New Orleans This was the other book I picked up along with Queen of voodoo. while I was travelling around USA.


I found this book to be really interesting.. loads of little spells You can pick up in this book.if that's your thing. The author wrote this book in 1940's. Whether Some of this history is true or not, It was a interesting read. It's almost like he tracked the People who he writes about down and interviewed them. So this is about new Orleans voodoo from inside new Orleans it's self. I personally loved how Voodoo is not about how expensive Items are and how raw and tribal it is they have so many gods and goddess's and saints.


all in all a really interesting read and i book i shall treasure with memories of the good old Nola <3